It Begins!

10 Jun

Imagine being in debt about $140,000 because you wanted to get a decent education and help work towards contributing something towards society. Alright then, imagine you took out three different loans, all of which you cannot consolidate, and are at a fixed interest rate of .8%. To make matters worse you cannot defer these loans without claiming forbearance or staying in school.

You decide to stay in school to help protect your credit. But oh wait! There is more!

Unfortunately, the current loan company you borrowed from, (Lets call them “Sally Day”) will only let you defer those loans for up to 48 months while in school!

So, way to be ME.

The Challenge: raise $140,000 in 48 months to make sure that I am debt free. Thus freeing my family from co-signer hell and of course myself, who has really yet to start my life. All in all avoiding credit and financial ruin.

The Contender: Alexander Daniel Vance. The double life living renegade artist who is on a quest to become a man of principle, wit, will, and integrity. Changing his form from blah boy to BAMF. Working his way through a seemingly impossible time, he is risking it all to fight the evil corporation known as Sally Mae. The faster he pays off his loans the less money they will make off of him. Armed with pen (rumored to be mightier the sword) and paintbrush her marches on.

I’m not sure what will come of this, however I figure it can’t hurt. Others have blogged their way out of credit card debt spent on shopping and other frivolous matters. I figure, why not blog my way out of educational debt. I’m enrolling in community college tomorrow, and so begins my my 48 month quest.

Wish me luck!


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