Robo Rousing

15 Jun


So in case you didn’t you didn’t know, robots are the new space race. Not only do we have the U.S. Government pouring money into developing newer more advanced technology in this field, but we’re starting to see robots pop up everywhere! One could say as far back as those robopets…but I’m talking about advanced machinery that can be seemingly integrated into your everyday life.

You’re looking at Myon, a friendly cyclops developed by Studio Frackenpohl Poulheim and the Neurorobotics Research Laboratory at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Not only does Myon have advanced humanoid motor skills, but has nifty LED Lighting illuminating its joints for easy visual location in the dark. Kind of makes me think of a smaller, friendlier looking terminator. 😀 Just kidding.

Robotics are something I’m a bit excited about due to their high potential to help solve various problems plauging society. They have incredible potential to save lives during natural disasters, care for the elderly, and aid in educational institutions. However one must also remember that with the creation of something new, new problems are certain to arise. So I suppose the question is, is Humanity ready for the age of Robots? How far is too far? When will the regret start to set in? Only time will tell. But for now we have Myon!


via: Yanko Design


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