Eating Hummble Pie…Slowly…

18 Jun

As planned this is my first post about my actual personal life. So skip if you like, but for those curious and enquiring minds wondering what is happening on the other side of the screen. Here goes…nothing…

Monday was kind of a bust…in order to stave off my loans I must enroll in college. I had previously done this at my local community college however much to my chagrin the class I was enrolled in and ready to take was dropped due to low enrollment. “REALLY?!” my mind pulsed. Seriously…why arn’t enough people interested in Symbolic Logic in the philosophy department anyway? Am I that much of a nerd? Are my interests that small of a niche? Honestly I thought it would have been an amazing class to take! BUST. Also, I was not called and informed about the drop and de-enrollment until the Friday before Monday’s courses started for the summer. DOUBLE BUST! I also would not receive a refund until 3-4 weeks had passed since the drop. KO!

“Why is it I feel as if I’m just walking on a treadmill in a lab somewhere…”

“My bank account is so low I’m not even sure I’ll be able to pay the net bill next month…”

I drowned my poor choice of classes and bad luck in Half Life 2 game play (Yes, I just got it. No I don’t keep up with games. But I do play them.) Went to bed that night trying to forget it all.

Tuesday was more of an errand running day. Just purchasing things for the rents, (yep, you guessed it. Boomerang kid.) and wondering about how exactly I can get myself up back on my feet. I don’t think my choice of clothing has been all that great. Wrinkled rags from a colorful pile on the floor. Smell checked them and they were fine. You get the idea. I passed off inquisitive stranger’s and friend’s curiosities by just smiling and saying it was “laundry day”! (that only gets you so far when every time they see you it happens to be that particular holiday.) “I guess i just don’t feel too good about all this stress…I should really take some time to myself…but I can’t really do that until I get this crap out of the way…ugh…lousy no jobness…” (yep, I’m also unemployed. Got laid of from my low level retail  job simply because…well. Let’s just say the whole operation wasn’t too stable. At least that goes for the the department I was employed in. Epic management issues. Everyone either got “termed” or quit. I was in the first wave. A week later no one was left. I wonder if that ridiculous supervisor got fired yet…? Whatever. She was a total “*C U Next Tuesday.”)

Wednesday I was a zombie. An application filling zombie for tons of places around town. But mostly my sights are set on gyms to work at. Why do you ask? What would an over-educated, post grad, wannabe creative professional/blogger do at a gym? What could someone like that possibly get paid to do. I have no idea why people buy protein shakes, what creatine is, or where a meniscus is on a human or how people tear it. (Although now I do simply because I googled it.) Comfort zone. I figure it would be really cool to work at a place that for once I know nothing about. Absolutely nothing. I’m not athletic, health conscious, or know much about my own body. (Aside from what I learned in PE and what my doctor tells me. So far everything checks out. I keep myself generally safe in all areas of life, and am not a promiscuous 20 something. Don’t get me wrong I really could be if I wanted too. But honestly, I think people’s mind’s are sexy. Haven’t really found anyone who is all there around my age. Hard to find. As far as my mom is concerned, I’ve been 40 since I was born, and have been aging since. Which would make me about 60 something these days. However, I’m not exempt from doign very stupid youth things like naively taking out student loans. Some things only come with life experience.)

Thursday, I hung out with my good friend Benson. We spotted an elderly woman in the mall with a name tag that read “Sally”. “You are GREATER THAN HER!!” he exclaimed. Awesomeness. Although I don’t know how I feel being greater than some old lady working in a sporting goods store. If anything that lady is greater than me. I love old people by the way. They have the best stories, the best sense of humor, and for sure know something you don’t. If you need advice, just hit up an old folks home. Honestly, best thing you’ll ever do. They’re kids may never visit them, but there’s no rule saying you can’t. (unless…there is… DX) An old lady told me to start this blog, so here I am. I’m having fun so far. We also guerilla marketed my blog by putting it on every mobile device in the T-mobile store. I really like how it looks on mobile devices by the way. On home computers? Still working on that.

Which brings me to today. I woke up early this morning and watched the latest Dr. Who Episode. I love Dr. Who. (completely unrelated, but there are kids playing in my neighborhood nearly every day and they make the strangest noises. I am not use to having rambunctious youngin’s round my house. I don’t even remember making strange noises when I was a kid. Although I’m sure I did. I use to mimmick ducks. Awesome. Anyway.) Dr. Who is awesome because he’s the only know it all everyone likes simply because he owns the crap out of you with his knowledge then proceeds to keep owning the crap out of you, planet earth, (in multiple time periods) the universe, it’s parallel siblings and parents, and always sends the bad guys running and still has time to be a wise crack. MOST AMAZING HERO EVER CREATED. Today’s episode was about the importance of taking chances, doing whatever it is you want to do, and of course, getting IT done. What a nice way to jazz up for the day after a seemingly craptacular week. Off to the Unemployment Office to file for, guess what? Unemployment. Even though I’m pan handling on the net with my crazy hijinks and blogging. I don’t think there’s anything cool about being unemployed. I want a job ASAP. Having a job keeps me happy and gives me some routine. I MISS ROUTINE. My life is unraveling because of the lack of it. Either I was given a number to call which sent me to a recording telling me that they couldn’t handle my claim today. FAIL. I also took a trip to the social security office because I have a sneaking suspicion my social security is being used in fraud. I’m 20 something. Why am I getting letters from AARP?

FUNTIMES! I hope I haven’t depressed you. It has been kind of a crazy week. But honestly, I’m not down about it. As a matter of fact I think allot of this stuff is funny. I just need to kick it in gear a little harder is all. So excuse me while I continue to apply for jobs online. Hmm…I went to art school, but park ranger sure sounds nice.


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